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Terms and Conditions for Center for Legal Solutions Attorney Referral Program
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Center for Legal Solutions Attorney Referral Program
Terms and Conditions of Use

The Center for Legal Solutions, Inc. ("Center"), a Georgia Non-Profit Corporation, accepts attorney participation in its Attorney Referral Service Program ("Program") under the terms and conditions outlined in this document. Program Participants accept these terms and conditions by participating in the Program.

1. Requirements for Participation

To participate in the Program, attorneys must be member of the Georgia Bar Association in good standing. The Center encourages broad participation in its Program in order to reflect the diversity of lawyers and legal practice.

2. Referral Directory

The Center shall maintain a Directory of attorneys who participate in its Program. The Directory will include individual as well as law firm profiles that members of the public may browse. The Directory will be available on the Center's web site: www.centerforlegalsolutions.org and may also be available in printed form upon special request. Directory Profiles of participants may include attorney contact information that a member of the public (including other attorneys) may use to call, e-mail, fax or otherwise communicate with the profiled attorney. The Directory Profile may also contain links to the participant's law firm web site that may be subsequently used to contact the participant.

3. Responsibility for Profile Content

The Participant shall have the primarily responsibility for verifying the accuracy of his or her Directory Profile information and shall have the ability to create and modify profile items using the Center's web site. For example, the Participating Attorney may create and modify his or her Introductory Text to suit his or her personal and professional style which may change over time. The Participant is not required to complete items available on his or her profile. For example, a Participant will not be required to display an e-mail address or any descriptive text on his or her profile. The Center may assist Participants with their Profiles. For example, the Center may help a Participant correct an item if the Participant is unable to modify her or her own profile using the Center's web site or process photographs for use on Profiles.

4. Ethical Duties and Suspension of Profile

Information contained in Participant Profiles must comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct and any other applicable laws and rules, including Rule 7.1: Communications Concerning a Lawyer's Services, Rule 7.2: Advertising, Rule 7.3: Direct Contact with Prospective Clients, Rule 7.4: Communication of Fields of Practice, and Rule 7.5: Firm Names and Letterheads. The Center reserves the right to suspend any Participant's participation in the Program to investigate any ethical matter and take appropriate correction action, which may include terminating Participant's participation in the Program.

5. Attorney-Client Relationships

Participants must use their own professional judgment with respect to communications with prospective clients and/or employers that result from the Program. The Center expects that Participants handle such matters in a reasonable and responsible manner. The terms, nature and extent of any attorney-client or employment relationship that results from the Program shall be determined by the Participant and his or her client and/or employer, not the Center. Notwithstanding the foregoing paragraph, the Center reserves the right to suspend any Participant's participation in the Program to investigate any complaints regarding professional services and take appropriate correction action, which may include terminating Participant's participation in the Program.

6. Fees for Program Participation

There will be no charge for Basic Profiles. Eligible attorneys may create a basic profile with a free login account. There also will be no charge for Standard Profiles. Eligible attorneys may create a Standard Profile by pledging their Commitment to certain aspirational visions for the legal community. Attorneys may pay subscription fees for Enhanced Profiles. Enhanced Attorney Profiles convey additional information and have greater visibility in response to user searches. Quantity Discounts may be offered to law firms creating accounts for multiple members.

7. Term and Termination

Attorneys may suspend or terminate their participation in the Program at any time. The Center may suspend or terminate an account on the conditions and terms outlined in this Agreement. While an account is suspended, no charges shall accrue and any remaining balance shall be applied when the account is reactivated.

8. Limitations on Liability

The Center does not guarantee that its Attorney Directory will be available at all times. Interruptions to internet service may occur. The Center is not responsible for errors in Profiles and does not promise or guarantee to correct errors in Profiles, including misspelled words, grammatical errors or broken links. The Center does not guarantee or promise that participation in the Program will provide Participants any certain benefit. Whether a referral will result in profit to a participant is subject to a number of variables. The parties agree to attempt to resolve any disagreement or dispute arising out of or related to this Agreement through direct communications. The parties understand and agree that adversarial proceedings, including litigation, are expensive and time consuming. In no case, dispute or controversy arising out of this Agreement shall Participant be entitled to more than a refund the total fees that the Participant has paid the Center for participation in the Program. Nothing contained in this Agreement is intended to confer upon any person other than the parties hereto and their respective successors, legal representatives and assigns, any rights or remedies under or by reason of this Agreement. In entering into this Agreement, and in providing services pursuant hereto, the parties have the status of independent contractors and nothing contained herein shall contemplate or constitute any agency, employment, special or fiduciary relationship.


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