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Steven J. Gold
Steven J. Gold

P.O. Box 1769 Decatur GA 30031-1769

770-270-8290 (fax)

Steven J. Gold has been providing dispute resolution services as an alternative to court trials in the metro Atlanta area since 1996. He conducts mediations, case evaluations and arbitrations on a broad range of personal injury, general civil and domestic relations matters. His fees are reasonable, providing parties in dispute a cost effective avenue to fashion their own resolution and bring closure on a timely basis so they can move on with other matters in their lives.

Background & Education:

1983 JD, Emory University School of Law
1984-1989 In-house attorney for Richís, a Division of Federated Department Stores, general corporate, contracts, risk management, general liability, EEO and workers compensation
1989-2004 Solo law practice and ADR neutral with focus on plaintiffs personal injury, general civil, and domestic relations
2004-present Full-time ADR neutral practice, mediator, case evaluator and arbitrator in court-annexed programs, NASD, and in private sessions

Mediation Style:

Adaptive. Every mediation has its unique elements and participants. I try to be sensitive to the circumstances and adapt accordingly. While a certain amount of venting and going off on tangents may assist the process, I help the participants identify the key issues and remain focused on arriving at a resolution. I donít mind being evaluative if called upon or if the situation so warrants, but I tend to leave evaluative input as a last resort.

Subject Area Expertise:

Personal Injury, General Civil Mediation, Domestic Relations Mediation

Hourly Rates and Fees:

Mediation: $75 per party per hour in 2-Party Case; $50 per party per hour in 3-Party Case; $50 per party per hour in 4+ Party Case
Arbitration: $75 per hour per party

Registrations for Court-Connected Mediation:

  • 7th Judicial Administrative District Mediation Program
  • 9th Judicial Administrative District Office of ADR: General Mediation
  • 9th Judicial Administrative District Office of ADR: Domestic Mediation
  • Cobb Superior Court ADR Program: Civil Mediation
  • Cobb Superior Court ADR Program: Domestic Relations Mediation
  • Gwinnett County ADR: Civil Mediation
  • Gwinnett County ADR: Domestic Relations Mediation
  • Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution: Reg. No.: 824
  • Registered for Arbitration More Info
  • Registered for Domestic Relations Mediation More Info
  • Registered for Early Neutral Evaluation More Info
  • Registered for General Mediation More Info
  • Registered for Specialized Domestic Violence Mediation

  • Suggested Preparation for Mediation:

    For mediation to be productive, participants should make sure they bring all documentation related to the issues and claims. For an injury case, all relevant medical bills and records, lost wage documentation (doctorsí excuses, employer verification). For a business-related case, all contracts, bills, accounts, etc. For a domestic relations case, all information required on the financial affidavits and child support worksheets, valuation information on the house and any other significant assets.


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