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State and Local Requirements for
Court-Connected Arbitration in Georgia

This page is intended to detail the requirements to register as an arbitrator with the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution (GCDR) and with local court-annexed ADR programs in North Metro Atlanta. All neutrals working in court-annexed programs must be registered with the GCDR. Though some local court-connected ADR programs adopt GCDR standards, others impose additional requirements so completing GCDR-approved training does not necessarily qualify a neutral to participate in a local court-connected program.

There is no mandatory registration requirement for neutrals who practice dispute resolution in a private setting like The Center for Legal Solutions. Many mediators who practice in a private setting, however, do satisfy state and local requirements for registration / certification and may participate in court-annexed programs in addition to their private practice.

Arbitration Registration allows a neutral to participate in court-annexed non-binding arbitration programs.

Specific State and Local Requirements:

State Requirements:
  • Complete approved 6 hour training program
  • Good moral character

    Additional Fulton County Requirements:
  • All arbitrators must be members of the GA Bar in good standing and apply for acceptance into the Fulton County ADR Program for State and Superior Court cases Clayton County:
  • No additional requirements
  • Additional Dekalb Superior Court Requirements:
  • Completion of a local mentorship requirement in which each prospective arbitrator will be observed in a minimum of three sessions by at least three members of the mentorship committee as the third member of a certified panel
  • 7 years experience at the bar
  • Non-attorney arbitrators must have 10 years content-area experience

    Additional Gwinnett Superior Court Requirements:
  • Membership in good standing of the State Bar of Georgia or alternatively a graduate degree in the area being arbitrated accompanied by service as a member of an arbitration panel where the chief arbitrator is a lawyer
  • 5 years experience as an attorney or 10 years content area experience if not an attorney
  • 6th Judicial District:
  • No additional requirements specified beyond those set by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution

    Additional 9th JAD Requirements:
  • Must have 5 years experience as an attorney and subject area expertise, or 5 years content experience if not an attorney

  • See State and Local Requirements for ADR Categories:

    Additional Information on State Requirements:

    Additional Information on Local Requirements:

    Neutrals Registered for Arbitration in Georgia
    Kevin Adamson
    Michael Ahlstrom
    Rodney Allen
    Sherry Anderson-Wilson
    Christopher Annunziata
    Frank Armstrong
    Laura Austin
    Bruce Bennett
    Bob Berlin
    James Boston
    Terri Brown
    Brian Carney
    Tuneen Chisolm
    Herman Clark
    Philip Coe
    Philip Coe
    Joaquin ('Jack') Coello
    Ward Council
    Robert Cowan
    David DeLugas
    Meredith Ditchen
    Jon Forehand
    Elizabeth Francisco
    William Freeman
    James Friedewald
    Joyce Glucksman
    Steven Gold
    Nancy Grossman
    Daniel Gulden
    Robert Gunn
    Floyd Hale
    Geneva Hall-Dalton
    Troy Harris
    Jeanne Bynum Hipes
    Rebecca Hoelting
    David Innes
    Patrick Jones
    L. Kemp
    James Kenworthy
    Arline Kerman
    Jeanney Kutner
    Robert Leitch
    Carol Levine
    Ralph Levy
    Frank Lightmas
    Harvey Linder
    James Lyne
    Donald Macdonald
    Ellen Malow
    Patrick Meriwether
    Stuart Meyers
    Anne Myers
    John Ross
    John Schultz
    John Schultz
    Richard Shuey
    Barbara Toren
    John Tucker
    John Tucker
    Amber Weldy
    Michael Wetzel
    Tori White
    Jim Wilbanks
    Timothy Wolfe
    Donald Wright
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