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Commercial Litigation refers to disputes between commercial businesses involving a broad range of matters as contractual obligations, unfair competition claims, franchise disputes, secured transactions, and intellectual property.

Distinct fields that may concern a business include labor and employment (governing relations with its own employees) and business transactions, non-adversarial legal work to accomplish such tasks as starting, buying or selling a business.

Recent Georgia Supreme Court Decisions:

Top Rated Commercial Litigation Resources:

Individuals may represent themselves in legal matters. Self-help should be considered when possible adverse consequences are relatively modest.

#1 David S. Tupler, P.A.: David S. Tupler, P.A. is a boutique construction and commercial litigation law firm representing Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale. (Suggested by David Tupler)
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#2 Successful Bad Faith Claims Against Troubled Liability Insurers: (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#3 Commercial Litigation Newsletters: From King & Spalding (Suggested by Attorney Barry C. Edwards)
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#4 What’s ‘Fair’ at the FTC Now?: By Attorneys Peter M. Boyle and Svetlana S. Gans. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#5 Protection of Trade Secrets is Smart Business: By Attorney Stephen E. Baskin, Kilpatrick Stockton LLP. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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ADR Options for Commercial Litigation:

  • Mediation: Mediation is a recommended approach to resolving legal disputes before resorting to adversarial litigation. Mediation FAQ
  • Arbitration: Arbitration is generally less expensive and time consuming than traditional litigation. Georgia law authorizes arbitration of a wide range of disputes. Arbitration FAQ
  • Hybrid Mediation-Arbitration: Hybrid mediation-arbitration provides parties an opportunity to reach a voluntary settlement of some or all issues in dispute followed by arbitration of issues that the parties are unable to settle voluntarily.
  • Case Evaluation: Case evaluation is an alternative dispute resolution method that is useful in the early stages of litigation.
  • Discovery Audits or Masters: Discovery auditing service is available for litigated cases to help resolve complex discovery issues effectively.

Find Attorneys:

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Additional Resources:

Our legal community-driven guide highlights the most relevant, timely, and useful links available.

#6 The Intellectual Property Strategist: Harry Potter Decision Provides Guidance on Fair Use: By Attorney W. Andrew Pequignot. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#7 Why the Corporate ‘Policy’ is No Shield to Multi-Million Dollar Copyright Liability: By Attorney Joseph M. Beck, Kilpatrick Stockton. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#8 Securities Litigation Blog: From Alston & Bird. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#9 Commercial Litigation Publications: From Alston & Bird. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#10 Corporate & Commercial Litigation Articles: From Morris, Manning & Martin. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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