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Georgia Intellectual Property Law Information


Intellectual Property Law addresses the use of intangible ideas and expressions in the marketplace. Intellectual property law consists primary of copyright law, trademark law, patent law, state fair competition laws, and a variety of common law claims.

The Center's Intellectual Property Law Reference Page is under construction.

Recent Georgia Supreme Court Decisions:

Top Rated Intellectual Property Law Resources:

Individuals may represent themselves in legal matters. Self-help should be considered when possible adverse consequences are relatively modest.

#1 Cold Hard Cash for Soft IP Disputes: By Attorney Martin Myers of Jones Day. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#2 Cohen IP Law Group, P.C.: Cohen IP Law Group is a full service Intellectual Property and Business law firm that specializes in Patents, Trademark, Copyrights, Trade Secrets and Internet Law. (Suggested by Steve Smith)
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#3 Omni Legal Group: Want to protect your ideas? Omni Legal Group offers exceptional Patent Attorneys and Trademark Lawyers in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills & Santa Monica. (Suggested by Omid Khalifeh)
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#4 Online Copyright Registration: From the U.S. Copyright Office. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#5 Patent Claim Construction: A Modern Synthesis and Structured Framework: Article by Peter Menell, Matthew Powers, Steven Carlson (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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ADR Options for Intellectual Property Law:

  • Mediation: Mediation is a recommended approach to resolving legal disputes before resorting to adversarial litigation. Mediation FAQ
  • Arbitration: Arbitration is generally less expensive and time consuming than traditional litigation. Georgia law authorizes arbitration of a wide range of disputes. Arbitration FAQ
  • Hybrid Mediation-Arbitration: Hybrid mediation-arbitration provides parties an opportunity to reach a voluntary settlement of some or all issues in dispute followed by arbitration of issues that the parties are unable to settle voluntarily.
  • Case Evaluation: Case evaluation is an alternative dispute resolution method that is useful in the early stages of litigation.
  • Discovery Audits or Masters: Discovery auditing service is available for litigated cases to help resolve complex discovery issues effectively.

Find Attorneys:

Use the Center for Legal Solutions Georgia Attorney Directory to locate attorneys with experience in this subject area. See Attorneys listed on the right side of this page.

Additional Resources:

Our legal community-driven guide highlights the most relevant, timely, and useful links available.

#6 Patent, Copyright, Trademark & Intellectual Property: Free legal information from Nolo. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#7 The Prior Art: Notes on IP development from IP Law & Business reporter Joe Mullin. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#8 Rebecca Tushnet's 43(B)log: Prolific law professor's ongoing analysis of trademark law. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#9 Journal of Intellectual Property: From Chicago-Kent College of Law. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#10 Georgia Patent Law Blog: From Attorney Coby Nixon of Alston & Bird. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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