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Georgia Traffic Citations Information


Citations may be issued to drivers who violate Georgia's rules and regulations for highway traffic. Traffic citations can result in fines, increased insurance rates, loss of license, and other penalties.

Recent Georgia Supreme Court Decisions:

Top Rated Traffic Citations Resources:

Individuals may represent themselves in legal matters. Self-help should be considered when possible adverse consequences are relatively modest.

#1 Department of Driver Services: Includes info on teen drivers, commercial drivers, rules and regulations. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#2 Traffic Safety Laws in Georgia: From the Govenor's Office of Highway Safety. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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#3 Georgia Super Speeder Law: Information about new law effective 2010. (Suggested by CLS Webmaster)
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ADR Options for Traffic Citations:

    Alternative dispute resolution is not applicable or available for Traffic Citations.

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